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Every view and share of charity: water’s Rwanda video activates $1 from @Keurig to support charity: water’s work there. Help bring clean water to even more people in the Rulindo District by watching or sharing this video!

Consider that existing mapping technologies return shortest directions. Now, imagine a new mapping tool that, instead of suggesting the shortest walking course from A to B, is able to suggest a route that is both short and pleasant. Based on our previous work, we were able to design algorithms that automatically map out the most beautiful, quiet, and happy routes between two points. Taking into account an average of the results of the three algorithms, our study showed that despite being 12% longer in length and roughly 7 and a half minutes longer in time, respondents preferred the option of taking more scenic, quiet, and happy routes.

Concrete jungle #cityhike  (at DUMBO Industrial District)

Concrete jungle #cityhike (at DUMBO Industrial District)


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6 days to salt water…

6 days to salt water…

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Title: Yellow Taxi Artist: Matt Costa 0 plays

‘Please. Do me this one favour, Jones. If you ever hear anyone speak of the East,’ and here his voice plummeted a register, and the tone was full and sad, ‘hold your judgement. If you are told “they are all this” or “they do this” or “their opinions are these”, withhold your judgement until all the facts are upon you. Because that land they call “India” goes by a thousand names and is populated by millions, and if you think you have found two men the same amongst that multitude, then you are mistaken. It is merely a trick of the moonlight.’

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